Daniel is a fallen angel  and has lived in Hell most of his life. Before his fall, he was a guardian angel. He watched over humans and guided them to a better life. One day a older woman needed help, but his powers weren’t enough. He asked an Archangel to help him, but they refused, saying it was part of nature — not everyone deserved a God’s miracle.

He rebelled. Everyone deserved love, especially Divine Love. The woman has lived her life well and didn’t deserve to die like that. It was his love for someone else, that turned him dark and bitter, and banished from the Angelic city.


Danny spent years in Hell after being banished from the Angelic City. He didn’t involve himself with other fallen angels, since he didn’t agree with them. Most of them were part of Lucifer’s original rebellion, hating the archangels for allowing God to put humankind before them. Living in their service wasn’t what these angels wanted.

Danny's likes and dislikes