The city of Lakeside is based on Tessa’s hometown, Almere. Many of the places mentioned in the book are real and you can visit them.

Almere has a population of over 200.000 people. It was founded in the second half of the last century and is the youngest and fastest growing city, becoming the sixth largest city in the Netherlands.

Nora grew up in Lakeside and saw its population double in size. The city centre has expanded with the growth of the city. The newer buildings are designed by different architects which resulted in an eclectic collection of styles.

The city is founded on reclaimed land with the majority of its land located below sea level. The whole province is surrounded by dykes that keep the water out. The skyline is low with limited high-rise buildings at the centre of the city built in the past few years.

Plain of the Unliving

The crossover point between Hell or the Angelic City.

Supernaturals use this to go between the different plains if they can’t find another way to reach their destination. The grey, rocky area is devoid of life. Clouds of smoke fill the sky and make it hard to breath.

The gates to the Angelic City and Hell are high arches decorated with wings at the top. Feathery wings for the Angelic City, and leathery wings for Hell.

Angelic City

The Angelic City is the home of angels.

Archangels have taken over command since the Metatron has stopped speaking. Gabriel leads the angels in their daily routine.

Despite what many people may think, the Angelic City is not Heaven. All of the angels come from here, but there is no God present.


A place filled with demons. Lucifer — Lord of Hell — rules Hell and is in charge of punishing those who deserve it.

His Court of Angels houses all the fallen angels from his rebellion millennia ago. Newly banished angels were welcome too, although not all of them took up the offer to help out with the angel’s duties.

The demons obey Lucifer’s rule, but they desire more power. It’s a constant struggle between Lucifer and the demons.